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Welcome to our Community. Our site features a community directory and member posts.

Jen Simon is available for consultations. A Complimentary consultation is available at no charge to any of our premium members who would like assistance using the new features on our Community Network. Jen's cell is 715-497-2930, / office is 866-299-6282 and email is [email protected]

Happy Surfing and Posting!

Posts vs. Ads, Events, News & Photos ~ Efficiency for our members and visitors. One post can be viewed in multiple locations, meeting notices may simply be updated with minutes rather than a new meeting minute post created, a bar or restaurant owner may now post ongoing events like weekly karaoke or lunch specials to news, events (ongoing weekly event) and ads with a single post, Members AND visitors can simply visit the post page to see all the latest ads, news and events posted OR search all posts at once verses searching ads, events, news & photos.

New in 2013 ~ File management vs. file upload ~ This one may take a little learning curve however the benefits are HUGE.
1. Our site was storing well over 5 BILLION bytes of customer uploads (docs and images) with no assignment to a specific user. In the new system is user has a file to store data therefore they can reuse the same file verses re-uploading, as well as delete unused files.

2. Our members can access their uploaded files from anywhere they have an internet connection regardless if they docs or images are displayed on their current post or profile.

How do I use the file manager? Browse to locate the file, upload it to the server and then select it. If you file is already uploaded you may simply browse the server and select the image. Check out Jen's free help doc on inserting an image HERE.

Revision of categories ~ Business categories are clearly defined as well as "Hobbies and Sports". While a few fortunate folks make a living with their hobby most all businesses provide products or services, this is the mind set we took when organizing our categories, We also implemented sub and parent categories i.e. Dining & Entertainment is a parent category with child categories of Banquet Facilities, Bar & Grill, Expos & Fairs, Fast Food, Fine Dining.

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Additional Display Options

1. Public or Proof/Private
2. Menu/Feature Location ie For Sale, For Lease, Reference Only...
3. Local or National

How do I control the display? User submits or updates post, reviews posts, approves and chooses display option.

Contact Jolene for website/programming issues..
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