Sundown Border Collies Keywords: Herding, Disc, Agility, Flyball, and Training


Sundown Border Collies specializes in performance Border Collies that work from sun up to Sundown!  Our breeding stock includes dogs imported from the UK with some of the best breeding that can be found in the country.  Our dogs are all trained on livestock first, with the added bonus of being exceptional sport dogs. Besides manageing our flock of sheep, our dogs and dogs from our litters compete in herding, disc, agility, flyball, obedience, companions.....and much more!  Health testeing, selective breeding, and being raised in our home guarantees you the dog that you have been waiting for!  We raise rough coats, smooth coats, black and whites, and black and white tri colored pups.  We only breed once every year to 2 years, so you can be assured that we are not a "puppy mill" or "profit breeder".  We take pride in every puppy we produce and speicalize in matching the right puppy/dog to the right owner.  Once in a while we have older puppies/adult dogs available.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our puppies/dogs or in order to be put on a waiting list.

Sundown Border Collies
Jayme Johnson
1168 240th ave   Luck, WI  54853 | 715-419-2191 / 715-553-10

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